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FirstIgnite helps tech transfer professionals identify and connect with companies interested in licensing their technologies.

University tech transfer offices face many unique challenges—two of which are easier with FirstIgnite:

Which companies would be interested in a technology?

FirstIgnite matches your technology to the scientific interests of 17M companies in 120 countries, and then we provide tailored lists of companies with the highest probability of being interested in your technology.

Who at the company should I reach out to?

FirstIgnite has a deep rolodex of over 450M contacts, including the key people at all selected firms, so you will always have a way in. You’ll find contacts with email addresses in strategy, product, innovation, and research.

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Client Reviews

FirtstIgnite works. I would recommend to anyone in the tech transfer industry. Our first three campus visits after the pandemic came from contacts throught FirstIgnite.

Mark K.Licensing Manager

FirstIgnite was able to get traction on technologies that we had not previously been able to make any progress on, including meetings with Dell and HP.

Brian W.Director

We’ve tried other products to market technologes, but FirstIgnite is the only one that consistently brings us new industry meetings across our entire portfolio.

Donna T.Associate Director

Before FirstIgnite we did not have a way to proactively reach out and connect with industry. Now, our tech transfer team and our faculity are happy and productive.

Steve W.Director

Getting started is easy