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Academic Experts
on Demand

FirstIgnite connects companies, consultants, and investors with global academic experts in order to help them make better decisions.


An Expert Network Firm Focused on Academia

FirstIgnite helps empower business decision makers through fast connections to academic experts. Through a range of client-centric services, FirstIgnite aligns highly regarded, best-in-topic academic experts and seamlessly manages the process with an integrated team approach.

How it Works

Identify your Topic

Our team of professionals will work with you to create a tailored approach that identifies, assesses and answers your questions on your timeline.

Design a Plan

Based on your needs, we further work with you to design a plan with our distinct offerings: consultations, seminars, white papers, surveys, and events.

Learn from the best

Connect with the right subject-matter expert for your specific needs, in your time frame. FirstIgnite has information on millions of academic experts spanning a variety of disciplines and locations.

Why FirstIgnite?


Expertise when you need it, providing rapid results.

Service Team

Knowledgeable team delivers the right expertise for every request.


Any scientific question, no matter how niche, has an answer.


The right expert, no borders.

Speed up the time it takes to move innovation forward.